Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay has had a tremendous influence on my life. My roots are deeply embedded in the local waters of our area. From childhood to present day, my family and I have spent our spring and summers traveling to Maryland beaches as well as countless days boating on the rivers and bays.

     My grandfather built our family a waterfront home on the lower Potomac in Colton ’s Point, Maryland . In this small crabbing town we would ride our bikes freely in the street, swim in the river, and spend countless hours exploring the waterways by boat. We also fished and caught dozens of crabs off our pier. Early mornings I would watch the fishing boats pass by our house on there way out to the Chesapeake Bay .

     As my family has grown and generations have passed, we spend our summers at our family home in Ocean City , Maryland , known as the “White Marlin Capital” of the world. Fishing offshore on a family boat has quickly become one of my favorite passions. Now I am the one leaving before dawn to catch the fish.

     Our family traditions have always been focused around the river, bay, and ocean. We begin our fishing and boating season early in March and stretch it past Thanksgiving when the weather permits. I have owned numerous boats throughout the years and have navigated them from Washington , DC to Ocean City , Maryland . My family and I currently own a 32' Regal Cruiser, 36' Grady White Sport Fish, and 22' Triton Center.

     I am a graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax , VA. with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing. Since graduating I have continued my work in Finance & Sales. Dominion Yachts was founded with a desire to combine my knowledge of sales with my passion for boating.

Broker - CEO - Dominion Yachts

Robert Watson